Feeling Lost in The Age of the Smartphone

The average smartphone user can display symptoms of anxiety or irritability if they don’t have access to their phones. How much more so then, with those who rarely lookup from their smartphones at all?

Controlling and Abusive Relationships

In the most unstable egos, that shift shows up as extreme physical violence and/or verbal abuse. It’s the switch from kindness to coldness or calmness to violent outbursts. that wears the controlled one, down. And make no mistake it is a deliberate wearing down.

Dealing With A Toxic Workplace Environment

Workplaces can be full of petty politics and crab in a barrel syndrome. Here are a few scenarios that demonstrate the point and a few tips on how to deal with them.

Isn’t It Time Men Shaved Their Armpits?

What better time for you fellas who claim to be menimists (that’s male feminists for those in the know) to get out your Gillettes and scented sensitive foam and start trimming those pits.